Adi Zehra Dizi Plot

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The new Turkish series Adi Zehra Dizi Cast, Story, Plot and more. Adi Zehra is one of the most popular Turkish TV Series.

Adi Zehra Dizi Plot

Adi Zehra Dizi Plot

Story/ Plot

Turkish TV series Adi Zehra (Her name Zekhra) is the story of a unique girl whose existence is hard to believe. Young Zekhra Szmshek is only 23 years old, but her unusual story originates when she was at a very young age.

As a child, Zehra moved to Berlin from the Turkish capital. The child is brought up in conditions of conservatism – the usual way for the adopted family of the girl. Given different cultures and views on education, Zehra is accused of destructive behavior in relation to family traditions.

The guardians of the girl acted in the most cruel way: they drove her to an abandoned bus stop. Zehra is in a very difficult situation, because she does not have documents by which to identify her child. She literally dies, but miraculously the girl managed to survive. Over time, she ends up at the Turkish consulate.

The position of Zehra forces her to impersonate Handa Kurdoglu, a child who disappeared more than seven years ago and whom her mother is looking for. Literally a few days later, the mother of the lost girl appears at the embassy and announces that Zekhra is her own daughter. Together with the newly minted mother, Then the main character Zehra leaves for Istanbul.

Zehra falls into a chic mansion, but, after a while, comes to the understanding that her environment holds many secrets. Crime reigns in the air. Thoughts about running away visit the girl every now and then, but a number of unresolved issues do not allow Zekhra to stumble. For example, she still cannot understand why her current adoptive parent is impersonating her own mother. Zehra has a hard time, she must independently get to the truth. She turns to working on the estate, and, over time, she manages to find love, It’s really intresting to see what’s happens next and Adi Zehra Dizi is one of the most popular TV series was in Turkey.

Cast by 

Günes Hayat
Ali Meriç
Zeynep Çamci
Alican Yücesoy
Hatice Aslan
Inanç Konukçu Inanç Konukçu
Emre Kivilcim

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