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Adam ve Cocuk Story and Cast, Adam ve Cocuk (Meaning Man and Child) is one of the most beautiful Turkish movie about the friendship.



Adam ve Cocuk  (Meaning: Man and Child) is a Turkish drama series. The picture contains illustrative examples of how a person is struggling with the strongest internal conflicts.

You will see how some loving people remain faithful, are always ready to forgive for rash actions, and see only good in people. Others are familiar with betrayal, envy and the sweet sense of revenge.

The series tells the story of a strong friendship between a child and a man. Khalit Karaduman has a dark past, and he was forced to take a little girl hostage.

A man is trying with all his might to rid himself of the influence of not the most good deeds that he has committed.

One of the obstacles to Khalit’s “recovery” is his friends, who have repeatedly pushed him to illegal actions. Years later, they again turn to Khalit, convincing him to take certain things out of one rich house.

However, despite Khalit’s experience, things are not going according to plan. Suddenly, during a robbery operation, the house is surrounded by a detachment of police officers.

Khalit has no choice, and he takes the little girl who lived in the same house in order to be able to escape from the authorities.

Now the man is confused. He does not know what to do, because the police are on the tail, and in his arms is a little girl, who, as it turned out, is not so simple.

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Cast by

Fatih Al, Tais Farzan, Ugur Karabulut, Esra Kyzildogan, Sarp Levendoglu, Atilla Pekdemir, Kubra Suzgun, Kaan Turgut, Ajelya Devrim Ilkhan

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