About Hayden Panettiere Latest News

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Brian Hickerson attacked the Hollywood actress for the second time on Valentine’s Day. For domestic violence, he was jailed. However, the close circle of Hayden Panettiere is seriously worried about her safety, because such an alliance could end tragically for the girl.

About Hayden Panettiere Latest News
About Hayden Panettiere Latest News

Friends and relatives of the American actress are convinced that the arrest of her boyfriend Brian Hickerson in no way will protect the girl from repeated attacks of an aggressive chosen one.

He influenced her relationship with family and friends, because Heyden, blinded by love, can not let go of the offender.

According to Us Weekly, Hayden Panettiere’s life changed completely after she began a romantic relationship with a realtor and aspiring actor Brian Hickerson in the fall of 2018.

Hayden is in danger with Brian. Add to this the health problems due to alcohol abuse and the tragic loss cannot be avoided if she continues her relationship with him, the friends of the actress said.

Recall that on February 14, in a private house in California, a conflict broke out between the couple. Brian Hickerson attacked his lover, leaving a lot of blows on her body. Law enforcement officers recorded beatings and arrested the guy for domestic violence.

However, close actresses are concerned that even repeated physical aggression is not able to change the attitude of Hayden Panettiere to his chosen one: “do not blame the victim. She sadly fell in love with a man who beats women. He is cruel, but incredibly charming. It is unlikely that this will be enough, for Hayden to forever break with him. ”

The first attack on Hayden Panettiere took place on May 2, 2019. After relaxing with friends, a dispute broke out between the couple, so they prematurely left the bar and went to their home. On the porch, the man began to beat the actress and dragged her home.

The star tried to hide from her chosen one. Bruises were found on her neck, indicating that Brian Hickerson was strangling the woman with force. With numerous injuries, she was taken to the hospital. And the very next day after the arrest, Brian Hickerson was released, but already in November the couple nevertheless resumed the romance.

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