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The Brazilian TV series A Segunda Vez (The Second Lady) tells us a story, or rather, two stories of twin sisters. One is called Marali, and the other is Anala.

The Brazilian TV series A Segunda Vez

The Brazilian TV series A Segunda Vez

Plot/ Story 

The girls have been together almost all their lives. But one day everything changed dramatically after life scattered the girls on different sides. Now one of them is the most ordinary girl who is forced to sell bags on the street in order to earn her living.

While the second successfully married a wealthy guy, after which she turned into a real lady. Years passed, and over the years the girls suffered from the fact that fate separated them. However, despite the fact that they live far from each other, there is an invisible connection between them, which in turn gives each of them a signal if one of the sisters has a problem.

As you already understood, one of the sisters lives in poverty, while the other has no financial problems. But, one day, fate presents the girls with such gifts, because of which they are forced to change places. None of the people around them know or even suspect that this is not the girl they know.

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And all because they are so similar to each other that even their men did not see any difference. Each of the girls has to adapt to a new life. One must turn into a real lady from high society, and the second must learn to trade on the street. That out of all of it – is still unknown. But, it can be assumed that a breathtaking story awaits you and me, which should certainly please many of you.


Marcos Palmeira
Letícia Persiles
Monique Alfradique
Fabrício Belsoff
Priscila Sol
Natallia Rodrigues
Gabriela Grecco
Eline Porto Eline
Camila Lucciola
Ricardo Ferreira
Lui Mendes

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