A Regra do Jogo Cast

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A Regra do Jogo Cast – A Regra do Jogo is a Brazilian telenovela created by João Emanuel Carneiro, The first episod of drama broadcast on 2015.

Original title: A Regra do Jogo
Production: Rede Globo.
Producer: João Emanuel Carneiro
Director: Amora Mautner
Genre: Crime
Premiere: August 31, 2015


A Regra do Jogo Cast

A Regra do Jogo Cast


A Regra do Jogo Plot

In 2016, the soap opera received two nominations for the International Emmy Award in the nomination “Best Soap Opera” and the best actor Alexander Nero.

Romero Romulus can be said to be a national hero, he is committed to helping those released from prison to find their place in life, offering jobs.

However, everything is not so simple; he has his own grouping with certain rules that everyone must follow.

Once Romero helps a girl named Toya, they meet at a police station, she was arrested for theft. But the girl claims that she only borrowed this money, took her mother for treatment.

Seeing the sincerity and purity of Toya Romero falls madly in love with her. And his ruthless mistress Athena, hungry for power and wealth, does not intend to let him go and is ready to do anything to achieve her goals.

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Alexandre Nero – Romero
Giovanna Antonelli – Athena
Vanessa Giácomo – Toya
Cauã Reymond – Giuliano
Marco Pigossi – Dante
Eduardo Moscovis – Orlando
Tony Ramos – Jose The Maria
Cássia Kis Magro – Janira
Susana Vieira – Adisabeba
Deborah Evelyn – Kiki
Bárbara Paz – Nelita
José de Abreu – Gibson
Renata Sorrah – Eleanor
Marcos Caruso – Feliciano
Tonico Pereira – Ascanum

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