9 facts about the movie “The Matrix”

9 facts about the movie “The Matrix” post thumbnail image
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The Matrix Facts 



The Wachowski directors introduced the color differentiation of their pants into the Matrix,frames, that is. All scenes that occur in the world of the Matrix are shown through a greenish filter, and frames of the real world through blue. Nowhere in the real world is there a pure green color other than the numbers on the displays.


The canonical firefight scene in the lobby lasts only three minutes. However, it was shot for ten days and, contrary to the obvious assumption, is more analog than digital: smoke, fire and natural bullet ruptures.


9 facts about the movie "The Matrix"

9 facts about the movie “The Matrix”



The Wachowski brothers (at that time) ingeniously knocked out the filming budget. They asked for the filming of 60 million evergreen dollars, but the studio was greedy and gave only ten.

The brothers lowered all the money they received to shoot only the starting scene, which nonetheless impressed the bosses so much that they forked out for full expenses.

In fact, over the course of several months, none of the directors and actors was sure that the film would be shot in its entirety and will reach the box office.

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The main scenes were shot not even in America, but in Australia, which allowed to cut the budget by almost three times. It’s curious that in Sydney there was The Hell Fire, where an episode of Neo and Trinity’s acquaintance was filmed. Extras for the scene were recruited from the regulars of the institution, who were asked to come to the shooting in full dress.


To shoot the first “Matrix”, it was required to find several twin actors in order to depict a population replicated by a computer. While the cinema is alive, the twins of the whole world will not be left without easy money.


To show Neo, studded with needles, it became necessary to contact a practicing acupuncture. The needles in the frame are real, although a significant part of them are not stuck in the actor, but in the layout. I really had to stick the needle into the actor’s head.


9 facts about the movie "The Matrix"

9 facts about the movie “The Matrix”

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In the first half of The Matrix (more precisely, in the first 45 minutes) Neo is extremely laconic: he has only 80 remarks, of which 44 are interrogative. That is, on average, he has to ask on a question per minute, which is not surprising.



The Wachowski brothers were asked which pill they would choose in Neo’s place, and both answered that they would choose blue. That is, they would remain in a safe and sweet world of dreams.

By the way, the red pill in a similar context was already lit up in the cinema, in the Verhoeven tape “Remember All” in 1990, where it was offered to Schwarzenegger so that he could return to the real world.


At the beginning and end of the tape, you can see the dates set by the phone monitoring program. This is February 18, 1998 and September 18, 1999. That is, the events of the film took exactly nineteen months.

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