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Title: 2018

🎭 Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller,
These are not movies, they are our lives. If a man wants to help another man, he doesn’t need a job, status, or money. If the meaning of helping is born from his heart, a man can help another man. Don’t even think of belittling the work of any man in this world. Because every man is God. A person. There are people like devils but there are also gods beside those devils. Malayalam cinema is a great creation. It is a portrait of God in human nature.

2018 Malayalam Movie Duration and info

📆 Year: 2023
🌟 Rating: 8.8/ 10 (based on 4122 user ratings.)
☀️ Languages : Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu,
📀 Runtime: 150 Minutes
📆 Release Info : 05 May 2023 (Ireland)
Countries : India


▶️ 2018 movie is a movie that speaks to the heart of the viewers!!

The closer a film is to the audience, the more the audience will embrace it with love. The love of mankind for its kind is well portrayed through the film. That love is not for one’s own people but for the entire human race. It is because of this love that a human being is tempted to go beyond the limits of what he can go and help other people by putting aside his good case without thinking twice. This effort is shown beautifully throughout the film making the eyes of the viewers wet.

▶️ 2018 movie is a movie that spoke to human emotions.

No matter how big a bully you are, in the end there is a bigger bully than us. That is nature. He has the whole world under him. The movie tells us this simple fact very wonderfully. How far will we go with jealousy, hatred and hatred? All that can change in a moment. When that happens, our only savior is the person closest to us. The movie ‘2018’ tells this simple reality as a story. You need to have intelligence and luck to understand that reality. Otherwise, you will face unexpected troubles.

▶️ Every person is a hero!!

By managing the disaster that has happened and taking your friends and neighbors safely to a safe place, providing them with the relief they need and making it possible for them to see the sun another day, you will greet it without even realizing it. The work they have done for altruism is unparalleled.
Mainly, here are these 3 things that the movie is good enough to get a very high audience attraction. To attract the audience to the theaters without breaking the rope.
The movie ‘2018’, which was created based on the flood situation in Kerala in 2018, is a must watch movie.

More info : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_(film)


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